The Athena

The Athena follows the journey of Nyela Malik, played by Ella Balinska (Charlie's Angels), a young model whose career implodes when she dares to complain about a famous designer treating her like ‘an object’.

Nyela decides she wants to design her own clothes rather than wear other people’s and wins a place at The Athena, London’s most prestigious college of visual arts. It is a fresh new start but also the start of new challenges for Nyela. The Athena is full of creative, ambitious students - photographers, costume designers, graphic artist, fashion designers, jewellery makers - all intent on pursuing their dreams at any costs.

The Athena is Holly Phillips’ transformative new 26-episode show for Sky One, launched by Isabelle Sieb as lead director, having directed the pilot episode as well as episodes 2-6.

The show also stars Oliver Dench (Pandora, Naughts & Crosses), Sophie Robertson (Flack), Alice Hewkin (Sex Education), Eve Austin (The ABC Murders), Chris Jenks (Sex Education), Tafline Steen and Basil Eidenbenz (The Favourite).

All 26 episodes are available to watch on Sky’s VOD platform.

Produced by Paul McKenzie and Foz Allan for Bryncoed Productions.